After 20 years of dedication in scooter making, OMW’s gas scooter export has outranked the Chinese scooters suppliers since early 2014, enjoying the No.1 gasoline & electric scooter manufacturer in China ever since. ONMYWAY MOTOR became the leader in Chinese scooters & motorcycles industry thanks to its Style Variety(We manufacture the best quality retro and sport scooters); Best Quality Control(OMW enjoys over 80% scooters certified with EEC and EPA approvals; Superior Scooter Development(Over 15 patented scooters with unique designs).

Our Expertise

Located at the capital of China scooter, OMW is now the leading enterprise on gasoline & electric scooter developing and manufacturing.

Company History

The first BENNENG Engine came off the assembly line in 1997. And OMW scooters have been vastly produced and rapidly growed ever since.

Quality Control

Over 90% of OMW scooters has EEC and EPA. Your order will either comply with European standard or USA standard.



OMW provides parts support for all scooters and offers a warranty of 8000km or 1-year and the support team responses rapidly.


No.1 in export since 2014


Popularly selling in over 110 countries


15+ Patented Scooters


21 years in scooter dev. & production

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You are visiting the largest Chinese scooter manufacturer and exporter ONMYWAYMOTOR, which started the vehicle business in 1998 and grew steadily ever since. Making dreaming scooters to most people and  being a world famous motorcycle brand is our ultimate goal.

Located at the scooter capital Taizhou in Zhejiang Province, after 20 years of development, ONMYWAY is now the top manufacturer on both gasoline scootersand electric scooters.

The gasoline scooter is the prime business OMW is operating. We is one of the earliest China scooter manufacturers to have its products comply with the leading scooter standards such as EPA & DOT from USA and EEC from European Union members. So far in 2020, most of our 50cc, 125cc and 150cc scooters are certified and street legal in USA and E.U members. Unlike most scooter factories in mainland China who are still in the phase of copycatting the scooters from big brands from Japan and Italy, OMW co-develops the scooters with the famous brands in Italy and produces the best quality China made scooters to our scooter importers & distributors from Europe, South America, U.S, Middle East., etc.

ONMYWAYMOTOR is proud to have these advantages over other scooter suppliers in China:
Besides the regular GY6 air cooled 50cc, 125cc and 150cc engine. The variety of scooter engine we have makes OMW produce any kind of scooters to all countries in the world.

We develops new scooters with giants and we also make new moulds of scooters by our DEV team. We has developed over 20 patented scooters. The unique models helps our importers to better compete with other scooter wholesalers. More importantly, ONMYWAY MOTOR has obtained valued experiences in developing new models. OMW releases new models much more and faster than other scooter factories in China.

OMW made a great success in the China made retro scooters. In 2015, the classic scooter series AURORA becomes the best-seller. Some patented & vintage style scooters such as Legend, F8 also becomes the most popular made in China scooters in many countries.  If you want to buy the Chinese retro scooters mopeds, OMW is the best partner.

We are fully aware that green energy is the future and that’s why we established a brand new department devoting to the R&D of electric scooter.  OMW is now able to provide both lead acid and lithium battery scooters to cover the price sensitive countries in Middle and South America and environmental favoring markets such as West Europe.

In the first half of 2015, the overwhelming orders since early China New Year drives all of our three assembly lines fully operating and make us achieve a historic peak of export volume. We have been way out of our competitors lead since 2014 and we are still expecting to work with more scooter importer and distributors to grow together. OMW will always be the best scooter business partner you’d deal with.