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10 Reasons For and Against Chinese Scooters

10 Reasons For and Against Chinese Scooters

Cheap Chinese scooters are here to stay, there is no denying it unfortunately, especially with oil & petrol prices rising the way they are, so why should you buy a cheap Chinese scooter, and why should you not buy one?

1. They’re cheap transport

Considering they’re available un-built in the crate from £350 upwards, you can hardly moan at the price can you?

2. Excellent Fuel Economy

All 4 stroke 50cc’s tend to get 100-120 miles to the gallon

3. Cheap Insurance

50cc Scooters cost practically nothing to insure, making it the perfect replacement for your car when commuting

4. No congestion charge

The London congestion charge does not apply to bikes and scooters, which saves you a lot of money if you travel in and out central London regularly

5. Thousands Available

Every man and his dog is now selling Chinese scooters, so you’ll never have any hassle finding one

1. Poor quality

Cheap prices mean cheap quality unfortunately, don’t expect Italian scooter standards

2. Poor spares backup

Everyone seems to be selling them, but hardly anyone stocks a comprehensive spares selection for when they go wrong

3. No proper dealer network

Again, no official importer, so just lots of people selling them for a quick buck without any prior knowledge of scooters as they’re so cheap

4. Most come in the crate without a proper PDI

Means you’ll have to put the wheels on yourself, battery acid, petrol and check everything is in working order

5. Prices generally don’t include Tax & Registration

Costs extra from the stated price, whereas most major manufacturer scooters are quoted as on-the-road price, including tax and registration fee’s

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Source by Kyle Bennett