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50cc Gas Scooters

50cc Gas Scooters

Many people who commute by bike or by public transportation are looking to be able to get to work or school faster, but don’t want to bother with a car.  For a wide range of people, 50cc gas scooters can be a good answer.  They are not much more dangerous than a normal bike, but with the gas engine, they don’t require you frantically pedal up the hills and arrive to work all covered in sweat. 

They also won’t cost you much on gas: they usually have a tank that holds one or two gallons of gas, and often get 120 miles per gallon of fuel or more!  They are a breeze to park too, and much more similar to a bike than a car.  You can secure them to a pole, park on the sidewalk or even park between cars on the street and usually it doesn’t cost you anything. 

Most safety conscious 50cc gas scooter owners do wear a motorcycle helmet and gloves since a crash can be very unsafe, but the odds of injury are not dramatically worse than a bicycle unless you drive crazily or very fast.  Keep in mind that this type of scooter does not have much power: it may not be enough if you need to ride up very steep hills, or if you commonly need to care a second person on your back.  In this case, you may want to investigate a more powerful scooter or even a motorcycle. However, for one person riding on fairly flat streets, a 50cc scooter is usually sufficient.

Source by Jason H Stevens