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Amazing Scooter Mileage

Amazing Scooter Mileage

Do not laugh now; but little two-wheeled motor vehicles are leading the pack in the moped market. The upsurge in the trend is displacing larger and bolder bikes. The 30cc, 50cc, and 150cc road runners are finding their ways to campuses, office parking lots, and private garages. You also will not miss a brilliant speck scouting down the street those bleary mornings; indeed, it is time for the little bike to shine, and this is the scooter; mileage per gas counts and the scooter is king.

More people are hopping on to their scooters for that quick trip to the green grocers. These are faster and go easy on the gas. The convenience of parking is also an added bonus. But why a scooter? Mileage is the critical factor in the choice of a scooter. With gas prices soaring beyond the stratosphere, more people are looking at better gas mileage not at sleek cars and fuel greedy mighty bikes.

A Car or Scooter?

A car mileage of 20 mpg or miles per gas is satisfactory, but not good enough if you want to make substantial deductions from your gas spending. But look here, a gas powered scooter can give as much as 120 mpg. Yes, scooter mileage bridges out the gas guzzlers in the choice of a practical conveyance around town. Proof? Scooter sales have shown a steady rise for the past five years.

Nowadays a gallon of gas costs $ 252 more or less. That car sitting on your garage is gulping gas at a rate of $ 800 per year. That is money down the drain if you are using your car for commuting to office and getting some stuff in the nearest Wal-Mart, or just visiting friends in town. You have to get gas more often, but a scooter will change your gas habits and you get the scooter mileage plus.

Ride in Style

As gas prices continue to rocket, the demand for scooters will also increase. The popularity of the little bike is also enhanced by its power, speed, and versatility. New additions to the standard scooter have made the newer versions spunky little bikes a favorite of all ages, gender, and culture. Scooters come in varying aerodynamic designs, brands, colors, and prices, and retail for $ 1500 to $ 6000.

For those short town trips, a 50cc or 100cc scooter will serve you well. This is just the thing for trips covering 10 to 15 miles. The more popular 33cc scooter can go 30 miles on a full tank and performs handsomely for those fun rides on grassy and not-so rugged trails.

Scooters are cheaper than cars and motorcycles, making these favorite buys for people looking for cost-effective wheeled drives. High powered scooters are considered motorized engines so you have to get appropriate documents before you can "putter" around town. The handy little bike can also store a few bits and pieces under the seat and on the floor board.

Convenience After the Fact

Like all things, scooters have disadvantages too. These are not ideal for out-of-town trips, and if you get a flat, you will find a hard time getting a spare tire. Like the big bikes, you are also vulnerable to risks with scooters, but if you observe the safety rules, there should be no worries at all. But if you are sick of public transport and can not afford a car, then a scooter will be just right for you. You get scooter mileage plus convenience.

Source by Alexes Lebeau