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Are Scooters Only Fun on an Island?

Are Scooters Only Fun on an Island?

While in the Bahamas on a cruise last year, my wife and I decided to rent a scooter when we got off the cruise ship so that we could explore the island without walking everywhere. The gas powered scooter we rented was only 50cc and was several years old by the looks of it and just did not have a lot of power to it. In fact, while going over the bridge to Atlantis hotel and Paradise Island, I looked like Fred Flintstone as I had to "foot assist" the scooter over the top of the hill. Needless to say I was not happy about the experience.

Just like with most things, you can buy a lemon or in our case rent a lemon. We went back and spent a little extra money and traded our 50cc for a 150cc. What happened next made so many good memories that I still find my mind wondering back to that day. The second scooter we received was amazing. A lot more power, better suspension, and a more comfortable seat were the major benefits of the upgraded model. Soon we found ourselves weaving through the island traffic and we roamed probably more than we should have.

We found our way to the shopping district, and finding a place and parking a scooter was just too easy. They are so small compared to our families Ford Excursion and we had no trouble finding a parking spot to hold our little scooter. We shopped in a couple stores, then rode down a couple blocks, easily parked again and shopped some more. Without the scooter we would have been doing serious walking and that would not have worked because we were after all on Vacation.

Next we took the Scooter to the beach. We rode along the boardwalk until we found a quite beach away from all the other tourist who did not rent a scooter and were stuck to crowded beaches that did not require them to walk far. Enjoying the seclusion and the privacy that being able to get around quickly and easily on our scooter afforded us was again a neat surprise!

We also found that the feeling of freedom while riding was very exciting. The cool island breeze on our faces, the closeness of having my wife separated behind me holding on, and the false buzzing of our motor made great for an exciting adventure, but it did take me a little bit of time to get used to the steering .

Once we returned home from our vacation it was hard not to toy with the idea of ​​having a scooter for everyday short trips to the park or to the convenience store. We told ourselves that was to save gas, but really it was because we found out how much fun they really were. Doing research online, we found gas powered scooters for sale, electric scooters, and all different engine sizes. Here in North Carolina, if your scooter is more than 50cc then you need a tag and insurance, and their was no way we were going to buy anything less than the 150cc after our initial experience.

Source by Albree Steck