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Are Tank Scooters Reliable?

Are Tank Scooters Reliable?

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), China is the largest scooter manufacturer in the world. They produce over 50% of the scooters in the world. With lower prices, it is really impossible to resist the temptation of settling for a scooter that is made in China. Unfortunately, many people have had their fair share of horror stories when it comes to buying China-made scooters.

Bad reputation online

Fortunately, the quality control of Chinese companies has improved. In fact, they have begun making scooters that can meet strict United States DOT and EPA standards. But, since there are a lot of Chinese manufacturers in the market, the quality of their products can still be unpredictable. Some reviews have commented that Tank scooters can now rival the scooters produced in Japan and Taiwan. In fact, some positive comments about Tank scooters can be found online. Of course, because a lot of complaints about Tank scooters have piled up online, it will take a long time before its reputation can be cleared up. As a matter of fact, there are still a lot of websites that discredit the reliability of Tank scooters online.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Tank Scooter

Tank has an impressive line of scooters. They have 50 cc scooters that can run at a speed 35 mph, 150 cc scooters that can reach 68 mph and 250 cc scooters that can go up to 78 mph. These scooters come in different colors. They even come in pink and yellow. Part supports for Tank scooters can easily be found.

Tank scooters are also very cheap. The Tank Urban Sporty can be purchased at a price of $1299. This scooter has a four-stroke 150 cc engine that has automatic, stepless transmissions. Even though there are a lot of negative comments about Tank scooters online, this bike is highly recommended for its power and reliability. It has a simple but solid structure that can be ridden by two passengers. It can also be used in the freeway. Built with a remote and alarm system, this scooter can be purchased at an amount of $1,299.

Even though the Tank Urban Sporty is one of the most well-known, low end gas scooters in the market, it is not perfect. Its fuel tank has a very low capacity, around 0.875 of a gallon. It also has a mileage of 90 miles per gallon. Even though people are allowed to ride it on the freeway, some people may feel uncomfortable when they ride this scooter. Because of its small wheels, it can give a person a feeling of instability while speeding along the highway.

Vague Instructions

Another disadvantage of Tank scooters is that the manuals are barely readable because the Chinese are not very fluent in English. For this reason, one must go online to find manuals that have already been corrected by native English speakers. In fact, a lot of text supports and instructional videos about Tank scooters can be found online.

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