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Buying & Selling Scooters and Motorcycles

Buying & Selling Scooters and Motorcycles

Buying and selling scooters and motorcycles requires a lot of thought and planning. Unless everything is well thought out, you could end up spending too much or selling it at too low a price.

How to Buy Very Cheap Electric Scooters

Check out online scooter discount stores. They offer local and foreign brands. Before you buy, make sure you pick one with the right weight capacity. Cost is also influenced by the speed and brand.

You can also visit wholesale sellers; some of them sell to individuals. Make it a point to read auction site listings. There are many auction sites, so do not limit yourself to just one or two.

If you are buying a new scooter, make sure it is covered by warranty. It is best if you buy very cheap electric scooters from known manufacturers. You can be assured of quality and technical support.

Besides the Internet, take a look at the Sunday newspaper. There may be ads for electric scooters. Sometimes it is easier to negotiate with individuals rather than dealers.

Do not forget to check out local scooter shops. If new models arrive, expect them to slash prices from the old stock so they get sell them quickly.

How much is My Motorcycle Worth?

Go to the Kelley Blue Book site. Use the keyword “other” and the Blue Book value of motorcycles will appear. Enter the year, model and make of your bike. Check the features your bike possesses. Specify the condition of your motorcycle.

Once all this information is provided, the estimated worth will be presented to you. Note that the Kelley Blue Book is just one option. There are others, but the Blue Book has become the standard.

The worth of your motorcycle hinges on its condition, so make any repairs if needed. Make sure it is cleaned before you sell it. If you are selling, make sure you have the title and other documents ready.

The easiest way to sell is to post an ad in auction sites. Make sure your price is commensurate to the bike’s condition.

Motorcycle Tips – Shifting Gears

Incorrectly shifting the bike may cause an accident, so you need to make sure it is done right. Shift down through all the gears when stopping. Make sure the throttle is open a bit.

Allow the gear to clutch out so the motorcycle is slowed down. This will reduce wear and tear. If you have stopped, remain in first gear. This will let you start again quickly if needed.

Slow down before you shift into lower gears. If you do not, the back wheel could skid. Motorcycles accelerate on downgrade, so downshift early.

First gear motorcycle speeds are low; if needed, employ the brakes so you can get into first. Always downshift before you make a turn. A sudden power shift may cause the rear wheel to spin.

Whether you are buying very cheap electric scooters or selling, the key is in the preparation. This will ensure you can sell / buy the unit at the right price.

Source by Kenny Leones