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Chinese Scooters – The Way Forward

Chinese Scooters – The Way Forward

When Japanese motorcycles first started to appear in the UK they were heavily criticised for being poor build quality and very low standard ‘cheap’ machines. Those in ‘the know’ said they would never catch on and people should stick to buying British. These Japanese bikes are now regarded as being some of the highest quality, highest standard motorcycles available in the world. They now come with a much higher price tag!

Now is the time for the Chinese Scooters and motorcycles. In recent times they have suffered the same criticisms that the Japanese bikes received nearly 30 years ago, accused of being of poor build quality and mass produced to a low standard, but times are changing. With the demands of the Great British public being that much higher, wanting well built, reliable machines that are going to last, the Chinese factories have had to improve the quality of their motorcycles in order to find a place in our market, and they can do this at a fraction of the cost of their worldwide counterparts. This is why companies based elsewhere in the world are using them to build their bikes. China now builds more motorcycles than any other country in the world, especially Scooters. They now produce scooters for Italian, French and Japanese motorcycle companies which are still branded and sold as being from the companies home country. If you are prepared to live without the ‘label’, you can have an almost identical or very similar machine with a much smaller price tag.

This is why I say ‘Chinese Scooters are the way forward’. They have worked very hard to meet our demands, and they are now producing some excellent machines of their own. The Chinese scooters and bikes that are now available in the UK are built to a much higher standard which is always improving, more and more dealers are supplying them and the spare parts are more readily available than they have ever been. Why would anyone looking for excellent value two-wheeled transport look anywhere else?

Source by Jon A Taylor