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Helicopter Rides: 9 Things to Expect

Helicopter Rides: 9 Things to Expect

A helicopter ride can be one of your most thrilling and rewarding adventures yet. The idea of being on board an aircraft that has amazed you in movies and television shows is simply awesome. You had almost forgotten your dream of flight in one of the most spectacular aircraft ever invented, until you discovered the possibility of turning this dream into a reality with chartered helicopter rides. Above all expectations you only think of one entire exciting feeling once you are in the air. Beyond all doubt it will be amazing, but for your convenience here a few things to expect from your aerial adventure.

1. Safety and well being of participants is a priority. This is why you do not instantly hop on, start the engine and off you go. You will undergo ground orientation which will comprise of aircraft familiarization, safety procedures and protocols. Part of the safety procedure will be a weigh in as this is one important detail on any helicopter flight.

2. Most helicopter charters have seat designations. This is done to balance the helicopter’s load for effective and safe maneuvering.

3. Majority of charter companies do not allow passengers to take more than a video camera on board. Excess baggage may affect the flight where weight is an important factor. Leave your personal belongings in the car or lockers that are provided for you.

4. Although helicopters are relatively stable when flying, there is always someone who has a low tolerance for aerial gesticulation and ends up with motion sickness. Airsick bags are provided for these individuals and just in case your tolerance is below any comfort level, feel free to pocket a pill or two of your motion sickness medication.

5. As you surely intend to capture you adventure on film, you must consider that you will be doing so through the chopper’s glass windows, which will definitely have reflections. It is advisable that you sport a dark shirt with a solid colour, or a solid coloured jacket to reduce the reflections from the window.

6. Expect all your flying fears to dissolve into thin air. Helicopter rides have the ability to ease you into enjoying a flight. It is relatively slow as compared to other fixed wing flights and it has the ability to linger over a certain place, like a spectacular never seen before spot that can take your mind off your fears. Manoeuvres are swift and predictable. Pilots also help as they explain the principles of flying a helicopter giving you that much needed reassurance of being in safe hands.

7. Noise. Helicopters are generally noisier than any aircraft, but not to an annoying extent. You will be wearing headsets that will help you communicate with your pilot and other passengers as well as block majority of the noise.

8. Expect jaw dropping amazement at the most remote locations you have never even dreamed existent. Untouched sites that are only reachable by a helicopter.

9. Helicopter rides charge per person and based on the duration of the flight. It all depends on your flight of fancy. There are some helicopter charters that provide discounts on frequent passengers and group bookings. There is also a special price for minors who wish to participate.

If there is one thing that you can never prepare for in this adventure, it is that feeling of excitement once you are off the ground and soaring beyond the horizon. Now’s the time to make that dream into a reality and book a helicopter ride.

Source by Henry Chifley