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History Of The Micro Scooter Brand

History Of The Micro Scooter Brand

Swiss banker, Wim Ouboter, invented the micro scooter in 1996 and it has since made Ouboter a millionaire. In 1999 a Taiwan manufacturer liked the product so much that it began producing 300 scooters a day which increased to 1500 a day within four months. The scooter rapidly became extremely popular across the world with children, adults and even celebrities such as Robbie Williams being photographed riding one of Ouboter’s scooters.

Ouboter wanted to create a mode of transport that was quick and easy to use and that could be compact and light enough to be put into a bag when not in use. In the early 90’s Ouboter’s first scooter was made using wheels from a pair of inline skates. This model was unsuccessful but he later had the confidence  to modify the prototype until he arrived at the version we know as the micro scooter today. Now, the aluminium scooters are available in a variety of colours and at various price ranges.

Initially, Ouboter thought that the micro scooter would be used by adults for short distances instead of taking the car. In reality, children are the biggest users of this type of scooter and even Ouboter himself takes his children’s testing and advice as to how good his latest model is. However, other companies were quick to reproduce Ouboter’s scooter and become competition for the original inventor. This has driven Ouboter and his team to continually improve the micro brand of scooter.

Not only is the micro scooter used as a mode of transport and for recreational enjoyment but many people now enter stunt competitions. Competitors use ramps and bars much like those used for BMX and skateboarding to show their skill with a scooter. The scooter has drastically developed from the original models in the early 1900’s and the scooters popularity re-emerged when Ouboter invented his very contemporary micro scooter.

Source by Roger Conway