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History of the Suzuki T250 Motorcycle

History of the Suzuki T250 Motorcycle

The original Suzuki T250 was an upgraded version of the Suzuki T20. Many of the same parts were used on the Suzuki T250 which could easily be used as previously used parts for both the Suzuki T20 and the T10. This model by Suzuki was very competitive on both the market and the road when it was first released in 1969. The Suzuki T250 ended up making its way into many bikers garages before Suzuki ended production in 1972.

There are many reasons why this bike was still selling like hot cakes even after production ended. The Suzuki T250 was stocked with a speedy 33hp two-stroke engine, an automatic oiling mechanism, six speed gearbox, a rev counter and a highly acclaimed twin leading shoe brake. During its 1969 release many biker enthusiasts knew the Suzuki T250 as an economical, sporty and light. Suzuki went all out to give bikers what they wanted in an overall aspect.

The Suzuki T250 was restocked and revamped throughout its lifespan including an entire seven models which was released throughout and exclusively to many economically stable countries. The first model that Suzuki released onto the market was the 1967 Suzuki T250 which also bared the original name, Super T21. Until late 1969 Suzuki did not use the name Suzuki T250. Later release would improve the bike greatly and overall it gave the Suzuki T250 a more street style than a racing style.

The 1969 Suzuki T250 Hustler was the second T250 released from Suzuki. This was released just two years after the Super T21 with many changes in store for the bikers own benefit. The Hustler provided much more power with a T20 engine and also delivered a T20 front suspension. Many other aspects from carburetor to framework were changed as well. The Suzuki T250 Hustler had many changes, though the overall speed stayed about the same.

Many aspects of the Suzuki T250 varied by the exact model, while specifications stayed relatively the same. A 1.5 liter petrol tank capacity helped the bike stand out amongst competition, while making headway in the miles per liter factor (42mpg). The dry weight of earlier models didn’t change by much going from 140 kg in 1969 to 145kg in 1972. The original 5-speed engine was later changed to a 6-speed return with a constant mesh which helped many owners become victorious on the track. Many riders were also happy that the bike could easily reach 152 km/h with no issues while having the ability to reach a speed of 160 km/h.

The Suzuki T250 models changed many aspects of the motorcycle bike for the better causing many innovations to later models. Many people enjoy the fact that they can buy parts for a T20 while being able to install them into their Suzuki T250 or Suzuki T10 without a problem. The Suzuki T250 is a great choice for both collectors and the avid biker. The next best feature was the retail price Suzuki provided at just £399.00 in the UK.

Source by Paul Smeeton