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How and Where to Buy a New Scooter

How and Where to Buy a New Scooter

Scooters are a solution to high gas prices. Here is what you need to know when buying a new scooter or moped.

Rarely are we presented with the opportunity to accomplish two goals in a single effort. Buying a scooter is one such example. Riding with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face satisfies one goal, the other being an increase in money on hand from fewer trips to the gas pump. Ever since we saw Audrey Hepburn riding through the city streets in the movie “Roman Holiday”, we weren’t sure who was flirting with us, Audrey, or the scooter. But we did fall in love with these cute little machines, and now they are taking care of us emotionally and financially.

When we set out to buy one, we seem to have a lot of decisions to make. How big of a motor do we need, what brand should we look at, and who should we buy from? For starters, as busy as most of us are, buying one on the internet seems to be the best and easiest way to go. The safety of making large purchases with your credit card online has come a long way. We all know to look for the ‘https’ in the beginning part of the web address when we are checking out, but what else should we do? How do we know the online store where we are shopping can be trusted? You say to yourself, “I sure wish I had something to go on, like comments from other satisfied customers”. If you can find a good eBay seller with a high feedback rating, that may help you decide. Reading what other customers say about their experience with a store is like having someone else test the waters for you. But if you can find a website with an “About” page, you may find information there that will give you confidence to purchase.

Now what size should you get? A 50cc engine will get you up to 40-50 mph, the 150cc will do well over 60, and the 250cc will do 75+ mph. If you know where you will be mainly using it, i.e. commuting to work or school, cruising around town, or moseying around the marina or campground, you should have an idea of how fast you need to go.

The only thing left to decide is color. After making that decision, go pick out a new matching riding outfit, you can afford it now!

Source by T J Martin