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How Safe Are Motor Scooters?

How Safe Are Motor Scooters?

Since motor scooters took the world by storm, there has been a lot said about them. Various publications have written about them and TV shows have also featured them extensively. In a world where gas prices are constantly climbing, scooters have become the new way of commuting without breaking the bank. In some world cities such as Jakarta Indonesia, Calcutta India and Shanghai China, motor scooters are literally as numerous as motor vehicles. In the US, the scooters have also risen in popularity and have been used extensively as commute and recreational vehicles. But how safe are motor scooters?

Motor scooters are one of the most convenient ways of traveling ever invented. As we mentioned, it is common knowledge that the world is in an economic crisis. One of the factors that have accelerator the economic woes of many families is the price of gasoline. This has continued to rise even when we have been assured that there is no problem of gasoline supply. Motor scooters have become extremely popular in many places because of their fuel efficiency. This has resulted in massive sales especially in emerging and developing nations. Developed nations also have seen an increase in motor scooter sales in the past few years. This means that on our roads today, we are more likely to see more motor scooters than ever before.

The influx of motor scooters on our roads in large numbers is not without its ramifications. The scooters compete for space with motor cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, buses, trains and even pedestrians. In the event of a collision between a scooter and a car, the rider of the scooter is bound to sustain serious injuries. It is therefore recommended that one never ride a motor scooter without proper protective clothing. One mandatory pierce of equipment was the helmet. Without a helmet, a collision, even a minor one, can be fatal for the motor scooter rider.

One of the reasons why people especially the younger ones prefer scooters is because of the ability to weave through traffic. While this can minimize the chances of being caught in a traffic jam, it is nonetheless dangerous. Trying to jostle for space in busy city streets can be dangerous.

Scooters are relatively safe because they are slightly slower than regular motorcycles. They are also less maneuverable than high-speed motorcycles. This makes scooters safer because there is a wide range of movements that they simply cannot undertake. Because they are slower, they are also easy to control.

All in all, scooters are relatively safe but it is recommended that you compliment that safety by wearing protective gear. This is a good helmet, leather gloves and knee pads and good shoes. Heavy windbreakers are also recommended if you are riding in windy terrain. Many scooter manufacturers perform crash tests on their units and different makes and models have different crash test ratings. It is recommended that you analyze this before you commit to buying.

Source by Theodor Cartman