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How to Get Your Hands on a Free Gas Saving Scooter – No Catches – Best MPG Mopeds 100MPG

How to Get Your Hands on a Free Gas Saving Scooter – No Catches – Best MPG Mopeds 100MPG

Would you like to receive a totally FREE no catches, no gimmicks ultra economical, 100MPG best MPG moped or gas powered scooter valued at $2000?

Ask yourself these questions and get a pencil or pen and a piece of paper handy.

How many vehicles are there in your family?

What is the monthly mileage of each vehicle in your household?

How much does each vehicle cost the household individually in gas per month based on it’s total mileage?

How much are you paying for gas where you live per gallon?

Now, add those figures up for all the vehicles, work out how much you are spending per month. Does that figure frighten you?

How many of those trips in your car/s are small journeys, when the engine is cold, stopping and starting, using more gasoline and now ask yourself this question. Is it really necessary to undertake all of these journey’s by way of one of my gas guzzling large cars, whatever the individual purpose is, for each journey?

If I told you to now work out the total mileage of these short journeys per month and asked you how much it would cost you at a conservative 80 MPG, what would the answer be? Write this down on your piece of paper.

Now, think about joining the thousands of other Americans who just like you today, are relizing that they are paying out an extraordinary amount of cash per month to keep and run their vehicles on the road.

Is there a solution? You bet there is!

If you were to buy best mpg mopeds or a gas powered scooter, a 150cc model for example, you actually could get very easily 80 MPG. How long do you think it would take for this moped or scooter to fully pay for itself? 6 weeks perhaps? A little less? A little more? Let’s say that you can easily buy one for $2000 and often a lot less. Based on the savings worked out in front of you on that piece of paper, really, how long would it be, before in effect, you had not paid a dime for your moped or scooter because it was saving you so much money on a per month basis? If you think about it this way, sensibly, you could actually be getting the best mpg mopeds or gas powered scooters for your household Completely FREE. Makes sense?

Of course, to save even more, for very short journeys, buy a 50cc moped model, they’re all the rage in Asia and Europe being ridden by hundreds of thousands of individuals, just like you, for the very reason, to save as much money as possible on gas. Returning over 100MPG and with current prices at almost $11.00 (UK) a gallon, you can begin to understand why.

Source by Mark P Andrews