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Indoor Home Maintenance From the Experts

Indoor Home Maintenance From the Experts

It is easy to overlook the importance of indoor home maintenance. That's probably due to all of the attention that's lavished on maintaining the outdoor portion of our homes that we tend to forget that the interiors require just as much care. There may even be times when it requires even more care and maintenance, but of course that's on a case to case basis.

To those who are very thorough about their homes, the importance of indoor maintenance is never lost and they are always aware of how vital it is. And everyone should pay attention to it, because in some ways it is just as important, of not more so, than outdoor home maintenance. After all, many of us do live most of our lives indoors and within the confines of our own homes. So, keeping it well maintained should be a top priority.

For those who would like a few reminders and a few tips about the kind of maintenance that they need to do for the interior of their homes, a short list is provided below. This list will show that even though some light work on the inside is acceptable, that only goes to a certain point and you'll still need to do some extra maintenance work down the line. It also means that you'll need to spend more when the need for intensive inside maintenance of your home becomes similar.

Here is the list:

  • It helps to make a list and then follow it to make sure that you are aware of the things that you need to do and you'll always be reminded of it. It would be better if you can create a couple of lists; with one listing the things that you need to do in the springtime and the other for the fall. Those would be for the repairs needed to prepare for the coming summer and winter seasons, respectively.
  • Try saving energy in your kitchen. You can do this in several ways and one of those is through adjusting your thermostat. Please make sure that it is not set to be colder than the way that it should be, as that could significantly increase your energy consumption at home. The refrigerator should be set right between 37 to 40 degrees F and the freezer should be between 0 and 5 degrees F. Also make sure that you regularly clean the coils of your fridge, vacuuming it around every six months.
  • You can vacuum within the dryer duct. Dryers are capable of producing fine particles of lint that can be responsible for shortening the life of the dryer and also possibly cause fires. The lint can build up in the vent pipe, and the chances of this happening are increased if it is a corrugated pipe. The dryer should be unhooked from the duct and thoroughly vacuous around the inlet of the dryer. Try to reach inside the duct as much as possible with the use of the vacuum hose.

Source by Nick Weaver