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Kids Motorized Scooters – How to Decide Between Gas Or Electric?

Kids Motorized Scooters – How to Decide Between Gas Or Electric?

Kids Motorized Scooters are one of the most popular gifts on the market today. Just a few years a go, your son or daughter might have been happy with a kick scooter, but now they want something with a little more oomph. Kids Motorized Scooters are great for delivering that whether you go with a kids gas powered scooter or a kids electric scooter. However, deciding between whether to get a gas or electric scooter can be a little more challenging. Here, are a few questions you should consider in helping figure out this issue:

1. How fast do I want the scooter to go?

For many parents, safety is priority number one. One of the biggest concerns about scooters is the speed with which the gas models can go. Kids gas powered scooters go on average about 30 miles per hour. This speed may be a little faster than you would prefer. If this is the case, a kids electric scooter may be more to your liking because they average about 15 to 20 miles per hour. However, expect there may be some opposition on your hands if you opt for electric because kids often want the faster speed all things being equal.

2. Would a fill-up or recharge be more convenient for me?

Ideally, your son or daughter would be taking care of the upkeep of their scooter. However, many parents know that they will often have to step in and help with some of your children's daily chores. This is no different than the maintenance of the scooter. For this reason, you need to decide will it be easier for you to take it with you every two months for a fill-up at the gas station or to have it charged up at the house. The answer here largely comes down to what will work best for you.

3. Is the cost a factor in the decision?

Generally, the cost of kids gas powered scooters or kids electric scooters are about the same. You can expect to pay on average around $ 300 to $ 600. However, the disparity in price between the two is usually determined based on the annual energy source costs between fill-up gas costs and the electricity costs. With rising gas prices, the kids gas powered scooters tend to cost slightly more in this department.

4. Do I want to teach some responsibility with this gift?

Kids motorized scooters can be a great tool at helping teach your kids about handling greater responsibilities. Generally speaking, kids electric scooters are probably better at teaching responsibility than kids gas powered scooters because of their need to be recharged on a more frequent basis. However, if you are having the kid fill up his own gas scooter, this may turn out to be a wash in the end.

By keeping these questions in mind, it should be a little easier in deciding between the two types of kids motorized scooters. Regardless of whether you choose gas or electric, we think you will find the kids scooter will be well received and put to good use.

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