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Kymco Scooters – The Kymco Xciting 500

Kymco Scooters – The Kymco Xciting 500

Kymco scooters are among the top five scooter manufacturers in today’s time. This may be because of the high demand of the brand due to the young crowd’s preference. But what is this company really about? Where did it begin and what are its available scooters? Is it even showing any sign of progressing on into the future generations? All of these questions regarding the brand Kymco will be answered in this article. So if you are planning to get a Kymco, then you must read this article.

Back in 1963, a group of businessmen founded a new brand called Kymco Company in Japan. As its popularity grew, the company soon became Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of the very famous scooters. Aside from this, the company kept exporting their vehicles to more than 70 countries throughout the world. Soon, their reputation exceeded them as their scooters became widely popular in the United States as well as its neighboring countries. The unique qualities of their scooters then became legendary in the industry. But what made its consumers have a higher interest in the products of the company is because their scooters did not only have a high quality, they were also durable.

Aside from being producing scooters, Kymco also acts as an Original Equipment Manufacturer. This high rating for the company is due to the fact that they have a complete and total control of all of their products being manufactured. This ranges from each single scooter part including its batteries, tires and everything else in one unit. Because Kymco relies completely on their own capability, this makes them self sufficient. And as a result, they have been considered of producing a high quality service to its clientele.

The scooters of Kymco come in a wide selection of makes and style to fit the needs of every individual. Their 49cc stoke models are perfect if you are a city traveler. While their 150cc is capable of reaching a 60mph, the 250cc caters to those who are serious travelers who prefer having a larger bike with an amazingly explosive speed and acceleration. For the individuals who would want a scooter which saves gas but at the same time, need a bike which is capable of holding a person with a large frame, Kymco has the bike called Kymco Xciting 500. This model was just recently reviewed and was found to have a very smooth ride along with a great acceleration for one heavy bike.

As compared to the other scooters, its seat has been positioned a bit higher which is why it is easier on one’s back. However, there are some customers who have complained that they found the seat too hard. Nevertheless, if you are looking for one scooter with lots of grunt, saves gas and has a comfortable ride, the Kymco Xciting 500 might be the one for you among the Kymco scooters available.

Source by Larry Cowan