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Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters are becoming a much more acceptable option to individuals who need mobility assistance but are not necessarily restricted to the device. As an increasing number of seniors opt for a scooter its reputation is becoming one of an optional mobility device and not necessarily a substitute for a wheelchair.

Mobility scooters are usually more affordable than motorized wheelchairs and do not have the same stigma of association with old age and infirmity that wheelchairs do. Mobility scooters are often a far more appropriate solutions for persons with certain very common disabilities. Mobility scooters allow you to accomplish everyday tasks in and around the house and gives freedom and independence to be active in the community, workplace, mall or school. Road legal scooters are also available to enable users to travel on the road.

Mobility assistance devices are typically used to assist individuals with disabilities and or other infirmities that may be incident to accidents, disease, age or similar causes. Mobility assistance devices are designed to help these individuals get into and out of reclining, sitting and/or prone positions on a bed or similar piece of furniture or object designed for one to sit, lie down or sleep on. Mobility assistance may also involve transferring a client who is in a wheel chair. Transferring maybe done from bed to chair and back and from toilet to chair and back, bath or shower to chair and back or car to chair and back. The client must be able to bear weight in order to assist with transferring.

Source by JJ Smith