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Mobility Scooters Defined

Mobility Scooters Defined

There are many people who have difficulty walking due to arthritis, age, muscular disease, or injury. These factors and more can make it very difficult and potentially painful to go to the grocery store or mall. Rather than simply accept this, however, many have discovered the wonders of electric mobility scooters.

Electric mobility scooters are also frequently referred to as adult scooters. They are devices that are intended to carry a single individual and some can support over 500 pounds of weight. Adult scooters are controlled by a set of handle bars that are attached to a tiller located on the front of the device. The tiller extends vertically in the air and most can be adjusted to bring them closer or farther from the captain’s chair.

These devices now almost entirely utilize rechargeable batteries, but every so often you come across a gasoline powered adult scooter. The switch from gasoline to battery greatly improved safety because gasoline scooters are at much greater risk of fire, can become very hot, and emit fumes that make it unsafe to use indoors. Battery powered adult scooters are, on the other hand, much safer and the battery technology has greatly improved over the last few years. There are several models available that can travel well over 35 miles per charge and at speeds over 10 miles per hour. This is faster than most people can run and allows the seated individual to have a very impressive range. Of course there are a few factors that can affect this range, such as the person’s weight and the type of terrain they are traveling on.

Like cars, most mobility scooters use some type of key access, which makes certain that the device is used only with the permission of the owner. Many also feature a complete lighting set including a head light, turn lights, and tail lights. In addition most have special anti-roll brakes, which engage when the unit is not being accelerated and ensure that, even if on a hill, the unit will not unexpectedly roll. Most also feature a swivel seat to aid in entering and exiting the device and also feature flip top armrests. Some armrests can be adjusted widthwise in order to create a wider seat.

Most mobility scooters are primarily intended to be used on solid surfaces, like paved concrete, indoors, or over grass. There are, in fact, several models that are designed to go over terrain that is much rougher. These units are called heavy duty scooters and have many features that make it ideal for outdoor use. They usually have a much higher ground clearance, reinforced shocks, and reinforced bumpers in addition to several other features. Heavy duty mobility scooters also generally feature a much higher weight capacity and offer superior balance.

If you or someone you love has difficulty walking, a mobility scooter may be the best way to restore independence and freedom. There are many kinds to choose from, so it is seldom difficult to find one that will offer all of the features that you require.

Source by Brad Brubaker