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Pros and Cons of Motor Scooters

Pros and Cons of Motor Scooters

Motor scooters first appeared on the scene in the 1930s. In Taiwan, where they were first made, they were in operation since the 1920s. The motivation behind their creation was to alleviate the stress of walking long distances to work. The inventor, Gino, worked tirelessly to provide for himself a means to get to work without the hassle of walking. His expertise in engineering which he gathered from being an employee of the Razor factory, proved valuable in creating one of the earliest modern scooter known. Since then it has found its way to most parts of the world and forms an integral part of transportation for many emerging economies such as China and India. In the West, the scooter is still used as well. Let us look at a few pros and cons of the scooter.

One advantage of the motor scooter is the fuel efficiency. It is no longer a secret that the world economy is tittering on the brink with gasoline prices being a major culprit. Many people, who are hurting economically, are looking for innovative but cheaper forms of transportation. They need not look far. The motor scooter forms the ideal way to get to and from short to medium distances. Motor vehicles, which are the best and safest way yet to get to places on the ground, is still popular. But the price of gasoline has pushed the price of scooters to an all-time high.

Another reason why many are preferring motor scooters is that they are cheaper than cars. This fact makes it possible for many who cannot currently afford a car to get to and from easily without spending a fortune. Coupled with their fuel efficiency, they are the ideal route for people like students who need to get to and from class efficiently and cheaply.

Motor scooters are also preferred because they are easy to maintain. Cars, while being popular, are expensive. If a car breaks down, which is often, the owner can end up paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. The motor scooter does break down frequently and when it does, the repair bill is not as astronomical as that of a car.

Scooters are easy to store. Most people especially in the West have cars in addition to scooters. They also own garages attached to their houses where the car is parked. The motor scooter can also fit comfortably beside the car and be able allow the ride room to maneuver.

Motor scooters also have their own disadvantages. One of them is safety. Moderate to minor crashes with a motor vehicle hardly causes any injury to the vehicle’s occupants. But a similar mishap with a motor scooter can be fatal.

Another disadvantage is that motor scooters have a small gas tank. This means that they cannot travel long distances. This limits their reach to just within your locale. Many people today commute long distances to and from work. In places like the United States, it is not unusual for people to travel 50 miles to their work place. This is obviously not convenient with a motor scooter.

Source by Theodor Cartman