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Quick CPAP Maintenance Tips

Quick CPAP Maintenance Tips

Your CPAP is your partner in your journey to comfort. It is a sturdy piece of equipment that will stay with you for long periods of time if you take the time to clean it, use and maintain it properly. While the cleaning part may sound tedious to you, there are many way in order to make these cleaning processes easy and breezy.

(1) Use easy cleaning sprays

Instead of having to soak your mask every single time you use it to keep it clean and fresh smelling, you can opt to use easy cleaning sprays instead. These cleaning sprays are vastly available and the best ones are even spotted in nice citrus scents. These are not only there to help you breathe in sweet fresh smelling air, it also helps disinfect the mask before and after you use it. All you need to do is pray away and you are done for the maintenance for the day.

(2) Use wet wipes made exclusively for CPAP use

Just like the cleaning sprays, wet wipes made exclusively for CPAP use have also become widely available. Like usual wet wipes, only more specialized, these wet wipes are made specifically for CPAP cleaning. These also comes in spotted forms with the best being in citrus to give you that nice and fresh sent as you use your mask. You can use this to quickly wipe off the dirt from your masks and the other parts of the CPAP unit itself.

(3) Keep filters handy
Of course, for a quick maintenance, keep extra and replacement filters handy. There are, of course, two filters in the CPAP machine. One of which is the foam filter which lasts really long before it needs replacement, but there is also the paper filter that needs to be replaced every day. Keep these replacements handy.

(4) Store it in a secure place

You will find that there are cabinets specifically made for CPAP storage. If you do not find the need to buy these separately from your unit, you can easily just make space in a drawer or cabinet already available at home.

Religious maintenance goes a long way. Always remember to keep your unit clean.

Source by Liam Kennedy