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Razor Home – Razor Scooters Are Making News

Razor Home – Razor Scooters Are Making News

The Razor scooters are small metal scooters that have taken the streets of California by storm. They come in striking designs and have brightly colored wheels. Originally developed as a means of easy transport by a Taiwanese factory, the Razor scooters were a hit in Taiwan as well.

The school kids ride the Razor scooters throughout the day during vacations. And what with the release of the Razor Video Magazines (RVM), these scooters have become even more popular! The magazines features freestyle tricks by Team Razor.

Sleek Looks, High Quality Material

The Razor scooter is constructed from heat-treated, aircraft grade aluminum. It includes rear fender friction brakes, handlebars that can be folded and an enhanced finger guard. This aircraft grade aluminum is also used to make the deck design, T-tube and deck, patented rear fender brake, folding mechanism etc.

With their distinctive looks and compact design, the Razor scooters stand apart. There are some very cool tricks that can be performed on these scooters, but do not try them at home without expert guidance as these can bring about serious injuries. However, whichever way you decide to ride the Razor scooter, they look good and you can have hours of fun on them!

Popular Amongst Kids And Adults

Not only kids, but adult also like the Razor scooter.

“I am planning to buy one of the Razor scooters. When I see the kids in my neighborhood racing on one of these, I find it very cool. You know what; my neighbor has a Razor scooter. When I buy mine, I would like to challenge him to a race!”

“I am spending a lot of time outdoors these days. Why? Well I bought a Razor scooter, and so most of the time I am riding on it all around……..thus I am always outside!”

Razor has a great range of electric scooters to suit all heights and ages. Some of its models are the E100, E200s, E200, E300 and E300s.

Easy To Ride, Everyone Has Fun!

The Razor can gain speeds up to 14km/9 miles per hour. The steel frame is long-lasting and made for heavy use. The speed may vary due to factors like wind, terrain, rider’s weight, average speed etc. These scooters can be easily stopped by stepping on the rear fender to cut the motor or by braking on the wheel.

The cost is pretty reasonable too. Depending on the model you choose, the Razor scooters cost between $65 and $500. During seasonal sales, you may even get discounts up to 25% to 50% on selected models.

As a safety caution, it is better to know that Razor vehicles are not suitable for street riding. But for parks, footpaths and driveways, they are quite safe. The safety rules which apply to bikes also apply to the scooters. As a parent, it is your responsibility that you provide your kids with helmets, knee-pads and elbow pads. In case of an accidental fall, this equipment will guard your child against any serious injury. If your kids are trying trick riding activities, tell them to be careful and do it within their limits.

Source by Behram Khan