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Schwinn Gas Scooters Through History

Schwinn Gas Scooters Through History

Schwinn gas scooters are among the selection for the high quality scooter brands which you can consider. The company was founded in 1895 and has become an American icon in the field of manufacturing the best loved and most famous bicycles of all time. Schwinn is a brand under the trademark of Pacific Cycle and is responsible for revolutionizing the bicycling industry throughout the planet.

It wasn’t until 2005 when Schwinn was able to introduce the latest venture called Schwinn Motor Scooters. At the same year, the company was able to introduce to the public their very first models of the new four-stroke, 49cc, gas powered scooters. In the following year, the company was also able to add new models into the category of 149cc engine. All of the motor scooters manufactured by Schwinn have four-stroke engines and have been able to meet the specified EPA and DOT regulations regarding motor vehicles.

Among the scooter models by Schwinn, the Laguna 50 is the most popular. This might be because of the classical look of the scooter which is enhanced by the modern functions of the scooter. These modern functions include the hydraulic front suspension, lightweight alloy wheels, a smooth four-stroke 49.5cc motor, and a front disc brake.

Another model loved by the public is the Schwinn Hope 50. Aside from having front disc brake, hydraulic front suspension, a smooth four-stroke 49,5cc motor, lightweight alloy wheels, and a matching cargo box, purchasing the Hope 50 will be able to show that you have a soft spot too. This is because a part of your purchase of this scooter goes to their support fund for the breast cancer awareness and research. Surely, it has made buying a scooter into a good cause.

The Newport 50 caters to people who are bigger and would like a bigger space. Since most scooter users are suffering from a cramped and confined cockpit which can no way fit the average American, Schwinn has noticed the need to produce a scooter which will accommodate the bigger customers. Among the features of the Newport 50 are the longer saddle to handlebar space for more reach, higher saddle to accommodate more leg room and the usual built-in features like the previous models.

The ones mentioned above are only a few of the Schwinn gas scooters which are made with a 49cc engine. The company also has 150cc engines namely the models Newport 150, Hope 150, and the Valo 150. With over decades of experience, Schwinn has made scooters become more in tune for the users.

Source by Justin L. Morrow