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Scooter Safety

Scooter Safety

With the economy in shambles, many people are looking for ways to save on gas. A scooter is a very inexpensive way to travel. With gas mileage in the upper 80s, a scooter can not only go a long way on a tanks of gas, but it can save money when compared to other gas guzzling modes of transportation. The rise in popularity of the scooter is easy to understand. This rise in popularity must be accompanied with an increase in safety awareness. This article will give some tips for riders to stay safe out there on the road.

Safety begins with a properly functioning scooter. Be sure to check your scooter for operable turn signals, reflectors that are not bent or otherwise cracked, and a clean windshield if your scooter is so equipped. Ensure the headlamp shines brightly and is not covered with bugs or other debris. Finally, check the brakes regularly before you get going too fast.

Personal protective equipment is very important when riding your scooter. Weaving a helmet while riding is the law in many states but it is always a good idea. Even though a scooter will not go super fast, it can go fast enough to cause bodily harm, especially when cars get involved. Many riders like to wear reflective clothing to help them get seen while on their scooter.

Finally, when operating a scooter, be sure to maintain a safe speed. A scooter is not known for setting speed records but there can still be instances where a scooter can be going too fast for conditions. If it is raining, slow your scooter down to a reasonable speed to account for the slick roads your scooter may encounter. Always slow down for sharp turns when driving your scooter.

A scooter can be a lot of fun to drive and a big money-saver when it comes to gas. Driving your scooter safely can mean the difference between life and death. Pre-flight your scooter, wear the proper safety equipment when driving your scooter, and keep a good eye on your speed when driving your scooter. These tips can help keep you safe when operating your scooter .

Source by Albree Steck