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Scooters For the Disabled – Get Yours For Free

Scooters For the Disabled – Get Yours For Free

Due to many advances in the design of mobility devices, scooters for disabled people are now better than ever. Scooters for the disabled offer the freedom that everyone deserves as well as the independence. An attractive option of the scooters over old fashion devices is the ease of maneuverability through small, tight areas. This is perfect for indoor use or use outside while running errands. This opens up a whole new range of opportunities for the disabled. Scooters for disabled people are no exception when it comes to customizable options. In order to get the features and functionality that is perfect for you and your scooter, here are some of the options and features of scooters for disabled people.

There are 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters available. The 3-wheel scooters are the easiest to maneuver and tend to be lighter and less expensive compared to the 4-wheel scooters. The 4-wheel scooters are more stable, but also a bit heavier.

The wheels on the particular model chosen will depend on how and where you plan on utilizing your scooter. Smaller tires are best suited for indoor use since they are able to navigate in smaller areas and make sharper turns. If being outside is where the scooter will be used for the majority of the time, larger, wider tires are more appropriate due to stability and rough terrain.

Scooters for disabled also have the option of front or rear wheel drive. Front wheel drive models are designed for indoor use and not traveling over rough terrain. These models are also lighter than the rear wheel drive models.

The chair is perhaps the most important decision because it will determine how comfortable you are while using your scooter for the disabled. Chairs come equipped with headrest, armrest, and footrest for added comfort.

Finally, in order to propel forward, scooters for disabled are made with a handle-bar style steering or a joy stick controller.

Source by Evan Feauve