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Some Major Manufacturers of Motor Scooters

Some Major Manufacturers of Motor Scooters

The rising price of gas over the last few years has driven you to your boiling point. You intend to turn in your gas guzzling automobile for a more efficient means of transportation. There are many options out there, from a standard car that gets good gas mileage, a hybrid car which typically comes with a higher price tag, to a two-wheel vehicle such as a motorcycle or a motor scooter. Depending on your average use for your vehicle, a motor scooter might be the option for you.

The definition of a motorcycle is any two-wheeled vehicle. The definition of a motor scooter is a small motorcycle with a step-through frame. Motor scooters are usually easier to ride then a heavier motorcycle. The smaller motor scooter isn’t as powerful as the average motorcycle; therefore, it is a safer vehicle to operate once you master your riding skills. Motor scooters are more economical and it’s common for the average scooter to get around eighty miles per gallon. This is a great economical solution to an average car, which gets about twenty miles per gallon. When choosing a motor scooter, you will find that there are many manufacturers of these vehicles. I will list some of the major manufacturers of motor scooters.

I’ll admit, when I think of motor scooter manufacturers, Vespa comes to mind. The Piaggio Company is the designer of the Vespa which began producing these motor scooters about fifty years ago. Vespa is the most popular scooter all over the world. Vespa definitely has its own body style which has contributed to its worldly popularity. The body of the Vespa scooter is made of steel. Vespa’s manufacturing tradition ensures that their scooter models will perform and last for many years.

Lambretta is another line of scooters from the Innocenti Company. These were originally designed to offer consumers more style and performance than the Vespa line.

Yamaha returned to the scooter market back in the early 80’s. Their models are popular in Asia, Europe, and the United Sates.

Honda also launched back into the scooter market back in the early 80’s. The company has been as successful as Vespa’s Piaggio Company with its worldwide sales. Honda has placed its scooter plants all over the world.

It’s up to you whether you want to invest in a new or used scooter. In your search, you will find that these four manufacturers dominate the world motor scooter market.

Source by Alexander Sutton