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The 4 Different Types of Vintage Kick-Powered Razor Scooters

The 4 Different Types of Vintage Kick-Powered Razor Scooters

The Razor brand of scooters was originally created by Micro Mobility Systems, Ltd. of Switzerland and first made by Taiwan-based kick scooter maker J.D. Corporation. First launched in 1999 by The Sharper Image, the item earned immense public authorization and use the year after. Nowadays, it is produced by Razor USA, which is located in Cerritos, California, and its product line has increased to add not only kick scooters but as well electrically-powered ride ons, scooters, caster-driven versions, as well as rider accessories too. Even so, classic kick-driven Razor scooters always stay as flagship items of the brand, and they’re frequently selected by scooter fans and stunt riders for their durability and convenience.

You will find four traditional kinds of kick-powered Razor scooters, each bettering upon its predecessor with upgrades as well as refinements in both function and design. They are the following:

1) The A Model – This is the one which started the buzz. It is also known as the New A to distinguish it from the foreign-made predecessor (which is known also as the Old A). The typical model has 98-mm urethane tires which are attached end-to-end on a t-tube and deck structure. The deck and handlebar shape, in fact, are both made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, giving the scooter incomparable and long-lasting strength. Its handle bars can be modified to suit riders of different heights. The model will come in 2 other variants: The AW model that’s built with a wheelie bar for stunt riders, plus the AW125 with larger wheels that measure 125 mm. These scooters have a branded foldable mechanism, hence enabling easy storage, and at 5 lbs., they are light-weight so they can be easily carried. They are perfect for use by both children (aged Five years and above) and adults as well.

As it was stated previously, this is the model that launched the Razor scooters model. It became so popular in its prime that it was a must-have product that all people would enjoy. Without a doubt, celebrities, urbanites, workers, as well as virtually all people had owned them and had attested to their utility and style.

2) The A2 Model – This is the update to the greatly profitable A Model of Razor scooters. It is actually an A model with two vital advances: The wheelie bar (that is only optional on the A), and the front suspension system that utilizes no springs by any means. The second feature makes this model a more leisurely and engaging ride, and the wheelie bar enables more athletic and thrill-seeking cyclists to attempt flights of fancy that they were formerly unable to do on the earlier model.

3) The A3 Model – An additional update of the A Model, the A3 improves the over-all ride of the first versions by sporting high-performance ABEC 5 bearings and big urethane tires (125 mm), both attributes that enable it to go faster and at longer miles. It also sports the springless front-mounted shock absorbing system as well as wheelie bar that were first offered in the A2 style; on the other hand, it is beyond its predecessor, making it perfect for bigger riders.

4) The A4 Model – This model is primarily meant for freestyle bikers and scooter buffs who would like their scooters to be ever-primed up and able to carry out the constant needs of their sport. Unlike the 3 other traditional types, this model takes on more features which allow it to withstand constant wear and tear, and helps guard its user as he proceeds to go on a fascinating ride. Its handlebars are covered with thicker foam grips that allow for a convenient yet safe hold that safeguards the palm of both your hands. Double-mounted headtube clamp construction helps to ensure that the handlebars would not be taken out of the scooter’s front fork as well as base even during repeated turns and twists. The scooter’s stepboard is also covered along its full thickness as well as length with grip tape, which lessens the chance of unintended spills and slips. Like the other vintage versions, the A4 comes equipped with standard features such as aluminum t-bar and deck construction, plus the flip-style mechanism which allows for hassle-free handling and storage.

They are the 4 variants of basic Razor scooters that are out there in the market these days. You can buy them online at the Razor website or at your favorite store.

Source by John Madison Wallace