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The Ripstik, What Is It?

The Ripstik, What Is It?

The Ripstik is the board with the crazy style of riding. Your feet do not have to touch the ground to move; you can ride very fast, but stay balanced when riding very slow. You can turn on a dime or carve down a hill like you are on the slopes. You can ride them up hill with ease; ride them on sidewalks or in a garage. You can race them, bust out some insane freestyle tricks or ride ramps, even get a group of riders together and play team sports on them. Possibilities are endless and the fun never stops. I have seen a lot of skaters that are very skeptical. They just need to try riding one. They are tons of fun to ride and get friends together who all have the Ripstik. Imagine snowboarding on the street, but you have the ability to go anywhere you want, up or down. Now add the agility of roller blades, turning and moving with ease and balance, that is how the Ripstik feels. If you have not tried one you need to find a friend who has one or get one for yourself. You will learn to ride it in just minutes and I have never seen anyone who cannot gain their balance and ride. It may look intimidating, but do not worry you will learn fast and be riding with confidence in a matter of minutes. When you are learning to ride take is slow and maybe have a friend help you balance. Then try on your own. Once you get comfortable you can start working on tricks.

The ripstik comes in a variety of great looking colors; red, blue, green, silver, and pink are the colors they have at this point. The deck plates are also replaceable. So if you have a green deck and decide you want a blue deck, no problem, it only takes about 2 minutes to switch them out and you have a brand new looking board with a different color. Wheels also come in different colors and are very simple to replace.

Let me give you one word of caution when riding the Ripstik. They do not have breaks. I absolutely love riding very fast down hills on my Ripstik but you must be very careful not to gain too much speed that you are unable to safely stop or bail. I recommend starting on flat ground and only riding hills with gradual slopes. If you feel confident you can try larger hills but always wear protective pads and especially a helmet. Also never ride where there are cars that may get in your way of riding. If you are cruising down a hill and cannot stop and a car drives out, there is nothing good that can come of that.

So remember to ride smart and safe. Always wear a helmet. If are someone that has never tried the Ripstik I would suggest you find a friend that has a board to try, or get one for yourself, you will not regret it. Get out there and have as much fun as you can on this incredible board called the Ripstik.

Source by Derek Cladek