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Two Great Reasons to Get a Moped Gas Scooter

Two Great Reasons to Get a Moped Gas Scooter

Like many of us, I'm big on going places but short on money for a brand new big car and all the gas money to go along with it. Plus, with the outrageous gas prices out there now who even wants to invest in a new car right now? All we hear about now is people going out to buy smaller and smaller cars, and ironically these smaller cars still cost as much if not more money than their bigger gas guzzling brethren. So what is one supposed to do?

Or in my situation what is a recent college graduate without much cash supposed to do in this situation? Yes, I want to pay less for transportation and gas. But I do not want to be stuck on horrible public transportation for the rest of my life! So here comes to sensible solution, a moped gas scooter. I've always had dreams of scooting down the Italian Riviera in a classy cream color moped. The ocean breeze in my face, my hands wrapped in fine Italian leather gloves, steering my light-weight gas powered dream around the smooth road's curves. Mind you, I live in the United States, and when I walked into my local car dealership and saw a moped gas scooter on the lot I was hooked.

Not only was it the moped of my Italian Riviera dreams, off white-colored with brown leather seats, but there are two reasons to get a moped gas scooter that are really beneficial. For one, they cost a lot less than a new car, including the price of gas in the long run. And also, they're a lot more environmentally friendly. They release far less environmentally harmful waste into the air. Looking at the snappy new moped in the dealership, it seemed like a win-win situation for me, the recent grad short on cash while wanting to be stylish, and of course helping to save the environment.

Really though, in today's economy and gas situation it's a real sensible solution to battle some of the toughest problems that we're facing today. It still gives you the independence you need at a price that you'll love.

Source by Michael Gentleman