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Where Can I Get Parts For My Chinese Scooter?

Where Can I Get Parts For My Chinese Scooter?

One of the most common problems with owning a Chinese Scooter or Motorbike has always been where to get hold of spares and accessories to keep your machine on the road. It’s all very well purchasing a bike at a fraction of the cost of a Japanese or European machine, but if it is kept off the road for the want of something simple like a brake lever or throttle cable, then it is next to useless. In the past, many motorcycle garages have refused to get involved with the service or repair of Chinese bikes because of this. A lot of them still do, but as the number of these machines in the UK increases every year and the improvement of the supply of parts continues, then they are having to come round.

There are several companies in the UK now dedicated solely to the import and supply of Chinese scooters and motorbikes, many of them branding the machines under their own names. They have recognised that they need to be able to supply any part for these bikes to their customers , from basic servicing parts such as oil filters and drive belts, to the larger items such as body panels. The more reputable of these companies have departments dedicated solely to this side of the business and will be able to supply all parts to all the motorcycles that they import and sell.

If you are thinking of buying yourself a Chinese Scooter or Motorbike, it is well worth asking the dealer you are buying from how easily available the parts are for your particular model. You should find most motorcycle dealers fairly honest people, especially if you are dealing person to person, as they too have reputations to uphold.

If you already own a Chinese bike, it would be a good idea to find out the original factory product number for your machine. As I said, many of the importers are branding the bikes under their own labels, you will find there are several bikes out there with different names but will actually be the same model from the same factory. The product number will usually be a couple of letters such as BT, JL, ZN, etc denoting the company that built the bike, followed by a series of numbers showing the model number, engine size etc. Using these details when searching for parts should make it a lot easier to find what you are looking for and quite often a local dealer could be supplying the same bike under a different name and so can obtain the parts you need.

If you don’t manage to get what you need from your local dealer, then the best place is going to be from an importer. Some of these now have web-sites dedicated just to the supply of parts for Chinese bikes. If you think your bike may be particularly obscure it could well be worth taking a picture of the part you need, this along with a detailed description of the part should be enough for them to be able to establish whether they can supply the part you need.

I wish you good luck and many miles of happy scootering.

Source by Jon A Taylor