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Why Synthetic Motor Oils Won’t Work in Chinese Gas Motor Scooters

Why Synthetic Motor Oils Won’t Work in Chinese Gas Motor Scooters

For most of us who own a Chinese scooter, the engine oil that would keep our scooters and mopeds running is an important consideration. Have we ever considered using synthetic motor oil for our Chinese scooter? When we buy these Chinese scooters, the manual specifically instructs us to use standard oil and not the synthetic one. Here is why:

First, the engine design uses recycled metals which is not high quality compared to the metals used in engines that run on synthetic oil. This will result to the build up of deposits around the engine.

The second reason is that Synthetic oils were initially designed for race cars and motorcycles, to protect the engines that run for several hours at extremely high rpms. Their molecular structure is smaller than petrochemicals so they have the ability to penetrate into metals and offer improved lubrication. Since Chinese scooters are manufactured from a mix of recycled and virgin metals, synthetic oil will penetrate some areas of the engine but not in others. As a result, some areas will have a build-up of deposits while offering minimal protection in other areas of the engine. It also means the engine block will be experiencing different temperatures at the same time. Eventually the engine block will crack.

Most of us who have Chinese-made mopeds are aware that these makers of Italian and Japanese models recommend the use of synthetic oil in their scooters. The engines of these models are manufactured from higher quality materials and have closer fitting parts and higher tolerance level so synthetic oil is most applicable to their engines. That is another reason those scooters are so much more expensive. The less expensive Chinese scooters have a great engine; we simply need to use regular motor oil and not synthetic oils.

Source by Mark A. Kemp