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Why The Gas Powered Scooter Will Influence The Future of Transportation

Why The Gas Powered Scooter Will Influence The Future of Transportation

As the price of gas steadily increases, there is a different rising trend: Gas powered scooters. They appeal to drivers who are looking to downsize from their car or truck to save money. Before making a scooter purchase, consider the pros and cons to make sure a scooter would be the best fit for you.


Great fuel savings – if you choose to buy a scooter to save money you will not be alone. In the past 13 years the Motorcycle Industry Council have seen a consecutive growth in the sales of scooters, with no signs of it slowing down.

At 20 miles per tank or over 80 miles per gallon, gas scooters can save you hundreds of dollars a year of the cost of fuel.

Join the rising trend

they have dominated the markets of European and Asian countries for quite a long time. In America though, their presence was not as dominant as in others until recently. The shift in oil prices is fueling this trend.

Faster ride

They maneuver well in bumper-to-bumper congested traffic.

Easier parking

Even parking the gas scooters due to its size can prove to be an easy one to handle. While car owners would have to be on a constant look-out for a suitable parking space, the gas scooters can be legally parked with much less effort. Treated like a bicycle, gas scooters can be securely chained to robust objects on the sidewalk.

Save money on insurance

Since the engine is 50cc or less, no insurance is required or needed. The reason lies in the inaccessibility of gas scooters to go at high speeds, making them less prone to accidents. Being less prone to accidents, makes gas scooters a safe choice for commuters.

Easier to operate than a motorcycle

In comparison, motorcycles are a difficult lot to operate in day-to-day activities like shopping or commuting to work. The smaller wheels make the gas scooters more nimble at low speeds.

Have your cake and eat it too

No need to give up your truck or car. Use your scooter for almost all of your local driving like quick errands, driving short distances to school or work, or simply running to various locations.


Poor weather conditions and the danger of accidents

Bad weather conditions – consider rain or snow conditions. You are more exposed to the elements like wind, rain and snow.

Scooter drivers face the same dangers as motorcyclists. Always wear your helmet.

The Dreaded "Helmet Head"

If your a woman, the thought of having hair flat against your skull or having a sweaty head may be enough for you to consider not being safe and wearing a helmet. Safety is vital to protect you against the possibility, no matter how small, of death or traumatic brain injury.

Consider putting your hair in one of these options

a. In a low ponytail at the base of the neck – simply undo the ponytail when you get to your destination, shake it out to restore volume and go.

b. In a single braid down the back or two braids pigtail-style – when you arrive at your destination you will have a bowl wavy look. Another option is to twist the hair in t low ponytail and wrap around the hair band to create a bun. You'll have ringlets when you get to school or work.

In summary

Almost by definition, all scooters are meant for "beginners" in that it's usually very easy to learn how to ride one. Gas scooters are considered the easiest to learn, just because they have electric starters and automatic transmissions. They are essentially twist and go vehicles that take most people about 5-10 minutes to learn. The low cost to buy a gas scooter, the ease of use and simple maintenance will help the trend to remain popular.

Source by Edward L. Mathews